Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Taasisi ya Mifupa Muhimbili(MOI)

Offering Services in Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, and Traumatology

Human Resources & Administration

MOI is an autonomous Institution and a role model for sustainable Modern Hospital Management operating under Public private mix model which enables it to have self financing scheme under Health Sector Reform. Thus the Directorate of Human Recourses involves acquiring and developing strong qualified skills and motivated workforce who are able to deliver and sustain the competitive environment

Apart from being a hub in coordinating all staff welfare such recruitment and training the Directorate also deals with empowering employees in respect to their obligations, responsibility , Shape employees behaviour ,built strong organisation culture and encourage them to adhere to labour laws which are applied to all Public servants

The Directorate philosophy is “Achieving excellence through empowering people and recognition of Human resource as a pivot of the Institutes success”

There are 5 units under this Directorate

1. Human resources

2. Administration

3. Training and Health Administration

4. Social welfare and Public Relations

5. Statistics



In liaison to Ministry of Labour and Public Service Recruiting Secretariat, the Institute coordinate all recruitment procedures with regards to the Labour laws and government procedures which insist on Fair opportunity principle as every candidate has the chance to win in a competitive arena and lastly the candidate with best qualification and added advantage won


The Directorate coordinate all training programs inside and outside the country, this also includes long term and short training, currently there are number of  employees who are undergoing their training in various Institutions inside or outside the country

Implementation of OPRAS

The annual Performance Management System (PMS), popularly known as Open Performance Review and appraisal which entails monitoring of employees development in order to meet personal goals and meet the present and future needs of the Institute, this is coordinated through OPRAS Seminars. Through this the Institute give award to best Performer every year

Coordination of Internal and External Communications

HR alongside PR Unit coordinate internal communication program for the purpose of giving employees various information. Through internal communication employees feel valued respected as they gate information about what is taking place within the Institute on time. On the other hand PR unit coordinate various communications with the stakeholders through mass media aiming at building mutual beneficial relationship with them and strengthen Institutes Image and Reputation

Management Committee meetings & Performance reports

The Directorate coordinate the monthly performance management meetings as scheduled in Almanac this also involves compiling of Quarterly reports

Social Welfare services

Under the coordination and supervision of Directorate of HRDA the Institute manage to provide destitute patients with drugs, accommodations and Surgery under exemption. Other assistances include Transport and other social items which are normally donated by various Humanitarian groups. It has been noted that 50% of Public patients are not capable of incurring the cost for treatment


The Directorate through Social welfare and Public Relations department coordinate all activities related to donations as various groups and individuals are invited to donate so as to help abandoned patients, children with disabilities, Unknown patients at the Hospital

Note. Other Functions will be stipulated well in the respective Units 

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