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Date : 29 Jan 2015

Posted on 29 Jan 2015

For the first time the Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) recently held a meeting with its stakeholders at Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel for the purpose of discussing and sharing experience on the success of the institute since its establishment in 1996.

Speaking during the meeting MOI Executive Director Dr.Othman Kiloloma said that the Institute has gone through various stages with different challenges from MOI Phase one and currently MOI phase three.

“The extension project with seven storeys on MOI phase three which is expected to cost more than 30 billion after its completion will transform the provision of health services in the Country. “Dk. Kiloloma stressed.

Dr.Kiloloma added that the Institute has made a giant step ahead in providing quality and affordable health services to the citizen as from 2005 the Institute has managed to perform successfully more than 4,500 surgery using sign nail technology to correct fractures of which 100% of patient managed to go back to their business, in which total Hip replacement 1, 256, knee replacement 703 and other highly specialised surgeries like Brain and spine surgeries.

To add to its long list of achievements Dk. Kiloloma pointed out that MOI is currently on transition towards  provision of advanced tertiary services in the country following completion of MOI phase III project which is 90% complete, by the introduction of to paperless services and telemedicine services.

The meeting was attended by more than 100 representatives from various government and non government institutions, including Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Muhimbili National Hospital, Muhimbili University of Health and allied sciences, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to name a few.


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